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Zhengzhou Jansincere refractory Co., Ltd.
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Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd was founded in 1986. Jansincere Refractory is focused on providing professional refractory design, manufacturing, installation and kiln maintenance for aluminum, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement, environment and energy solutions, and petroleum industries.

Jansincere Refractory Group covers of 135,000 Square Meters with 3 billion RMB fixed assets. There are 553 employees, including 23 managers, 42 technicians, and 8 qualified installation engineers.

Jansincere Refractory Group consists of one headquarters and three subsidiaries. The headquarters is called Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Set Company, three subsidiaries are: Zhengzhou Jansincere Refractory Installation Co., Ltd, Shanghai Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd, and Zhengzhou Jansincere Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.
The main business scope and products are:
NO. 1 factory of Headquarters: Manufacturing alumina and magnesia based shaped refractory, products include: magnesia-alumina brick, direct bonded magnesia-chrome brick, special phosphate compound brick etc.
NO. 2 factory of Headquarters: Manufacturing corundum material, silica mullite brick, other high-grade refractory and ceramist sand.
NO.3 factory of Headquarters: Manufacturing monolithics and raw material.
Jansincere Refractory Installation Co., Ltd has 3 sets of imported aircraft bricklayers, and 3 sets of brick-making machines. We have provided refractory materials and installation service to hundreds of dry process cement rotary kiln system and other industry kilns.
Shanghai Jansincere Refractory Co., Ltd is professional on manufacturing pre-cast products, corundum carbon refractory products, and insulation materials for metallurgy, ceramics and chemical industries.
Jansincere Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd produces ceramist sand for petroleum industry.

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